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Upgrading Your Office Ahead of Your SharePoint?

September 11 2010 17 comments

If you just got to upgrade your office to 2010 ahead of upgrading your MOSS, please read this article.

During the last couple of years I have run through a bunch of client cases where MOSS represented a new era for document management especially for the Office Documents. The preceding document management systems comprised mainly of shared network drives –…

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Microsoft White Papers: SharePoint & Office Compatibility

March 24 2010 8 comments

In 2007 Microsoft made a great white paper about using Office 2000-2007 clients with SharePoint 2003 or 2007, considering issues such as document management. Recently they published a new white paper that also includes SharePoint 2010 comparisons. These two documents help you to choose when to upgrade to latest Office version to get all out of your SharePoint.

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SharePoint & Office 2010 Release Date Set

March 6 2010 2 comments

According to Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog, the official launch date of SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 is now set to be May 12th. The RTM should be ready in April. Exciting news for all of us Microsoft professionals!

We recently wrote about upgrade path from SP2010 beta/RC to RTM being blocked. When we get the RTM…

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