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Finding the Balance Between Tailoring and Thinking Inside the Box

September 14 2010 15 comments

This article describes why every tailoring decision is a choice involving price tag, risk, and usability.

SharePoint offers an astonishing set of functionality and features. We’re all familiar with the capabilities regarding to for example RSS viewing, calendars, surveys, discussion boards, and content management. Personally I find the out of the box set quite rich and able to cater the most…

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Scripting STSADM with PowerShell

April 28 2010 33 comments

Recently I found myself in a phase of development, where I would try out some modifications to content types, notice that they weren’t what I wanted, and then re-do the entire web application from scratch to make sure my next modifications would be picked up by SharePoint. As you can probably imagine, doing that via the administrative interface got old quickly, so I decided I’d do my best to automate the process.

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Timer Jobs to Copy and Delete Files in a Farm

March 1 2010 31 comments

There is sometimes a need to copy files in a SharePoint farm on different locations, than what can be specified in wsp-packages. Usually the best way to do it farm-wide, is to use Features and timer jobs. Timer jobs can be specified so that they are executed on every single machine in a SharePoint farm. In SharePoint 2007 the most…

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