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Inspecting and Modifying Live SharePoint Instance with PowerShell

May 10 2010 One comment

Continuing my quest to explore how PowerShell can help SharePoint developers and administrators, this time I’ll take a look at a fairly uncommon scenario: inspecting and modifying a live SharePoint instance.

The case I was working on involved a known problematic scenario: a subweb converted into a site collection. The site collection was one where the users could...

Centered layout with CSS & v4.master on SharePoint 2010

May 6 2010 45 comments

First of all, I must say that I’m not a huge fan on how the new Ribbon UI is implemented. The positioning system aided by ECMAScript messes with the body-tag and it requires quite a few steps to disable the positioning system as Jonathan Kern explains here.

I have a case here...

Extending PowerShell for SharePoint with Custom Commandlets

May 5 2010 2 comments

In my previous entry on SharePoint and PowerShell I promised I’d show you how to implement custom commandlets for Master Page manipulation. SharePoint 2010 ships with a wide array of commandlets, but none of them seem applicable here. This should also serve as a nice generic example on how to implement simple commandlets.

In order to...

How to Display Informational Messages in a Console Action

April 28 2010 19 comments

Editing menu console actions already have a method to display errors, but there isn’t any public API for ShowMessage, and that’s unfortunate.

Fortunately, by using Reflector, I was able to find out how Microsoft uses ConsoleMessage class to display informational messages in a Console Action. I’m not sure why this class is an internal class, but...

Scripting STSADM with PowerShell

April 28 2010 33 comments
Recently I found myself in a phase of development, where I would try out some modifications to content types, notice that they weren’t what I wanted, and then re-do the entire web application from scratch to make sure my next modifications would be picked up by SharePoint. As you can probably imagine, doing that via the administrative interface got old quickly, so I decided I’d do my best to automate the process.

How to Remove Workspace Link from a Calendar

April 26 2010 11 comments

This one has been discussed in a few articles in the internet. One way to hide workspace link from calendar is to do it with JavaScript, the other way is to modify calendar schema, and of course there are several other methods to do it. All of these seemed like a hacks, so I...

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