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Localizing Strings with an Extension Method

February 11 2010 2 comments

This is rather uncommon situation, but we needed a way to easily translate strings in our code against the resources deployed in 12\Resources. We created extension methods for that:

public static string Localize(this string source)
    return Localize(source, (uint) Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.LCID);

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Custom Site Actions Link with CSS

February 4 2010 24 comments

Whenever there is a need to customize the look and feel of the default MOSS 2007 site actions control without going through several lines of code, CSS comes in handy.

The tricky part involves replacing the white arrow image which is hardcoded on the default control itself to reflect your design. If we look at the HTML that is rendered…

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Customize SharePoint 2010 Lists with InfoPath 2010

February 2 2010 3 comments

SharePoint 2010 combined with InfoPath 2010 gives you new tools and ways to customize standard SharePoint lists. All that is required for extending and enhancing the listform is navigating to SharePoint list, selecting List Tools – Customize Form from the SharePoint ribbon.

This will start InfoPath 2010 and generate standard listform for you to customize. All field columns of the…

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