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How to Configure Crawl for Anonymous SharePoint 2010 Site

February 25 2011 70 comments

Are You getting errors like described in Mikes blog? Well atleast I did, and here is one way to fix it.

First of all, you need to have a web application with only anonymous access enabled. You can have it extended to another zone, with windows authentication , to make it available for editing. Here is…

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Drag & Drop Web Part Y-offset Problem

January 18 2011 11 comments

I’ve come across a bug in SharePoint 2010 with my custom master page that is based on minimal.master. In the edit mode, if I try to drag and drop web parts around, the element that is used to mark the drag position has a strange offset. Upon more investigation it appears that the javascript function that positions the marker with…

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Blog Site in Anonymous Use

December 22 2010 140 comments

Anonymous user cannot enter a blog entry in a SharePoint site if ViewFormPagesLockDown feature is active at site collection level and ViewFormPagesLockDown feature is active if site collection is based on publishing portal. After googling we came accross plenty of resources considering this matter:

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Custom Styles for SharePoint 2010 Rich Html Field

October 27 2010 229 comments

A typical requirement from a client is to be able to incorporate their own custom styles for the Rich Html Field. Allowing their public relations department to apply nice text formating for paragraphs with some Comic Sans Hotness might not be the best practice in here, so let’s be careful out there. The best scenario is only to allow custom…

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Custom SPJobDefinition and “Access denied” Error

October 22 2010 157 comments

I found Stef Van Hooijdonk’s post when trying to install a custom timer job and having the “Access denied” -issue. I tried Stef’s workaround by running the powershell -script he provided and got my custom timer job to install via web scoped feature’s feature receiver.

I think there are issues to consider though. Do…

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Granting Permissions – Sending Welcome E-Mail by Accident

October 18 2010 25 comments

The “Send welcome e-mail to the new users” checkbox is checked by default when users are granted permissions to SharePoint. We developed a quick workaround to uncheck the checkbox by default to prevent accidental e-mails:

$(document).ready(function () {
    if (self.location.href.indexOf(‘aclinv.aspx’) > 0) {

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