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SharePoint 2013 SP1 Installation

March 10 2014 134 comments

Microsoft released SharePoint server SP1 a few weeks ago. I found installation instructions a little bit imperfect. My understanding of SP1 installation steps goes like this:
1. Install SharePoint Server 2013 RTM (installation media with SP1 will be released later)
2. Install language packs (
3. Download and install SharePoint 2013 SP1, usually English (

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Configuring SharePoint 2013 Host Named Site Collections and Apps Host

November 22 2012 101 comments

There are a few good articles about configuring Sharepoint 2013 apps host, but atleast I found it somehow difficult to figure out how for example Intranet web application and application host could be configured. For beginning you should read this article

The key to get apps host working is host named site collection (HNSC). Most of us…

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SharePoint and Atlassian Confluence, side-by-side scenarios

September 16 2010 27 comments

image Many large organizations in Finland use both SharePoint and Confluence for managing their internal content. This article explains why Confluence can be a good partner for SharePoint and what are the scenarios when you might consider using both systems.

Confluence is an enterprise wiki product from Atlassian. Atlassian is a software company from Australia. Atlassian is also…

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