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SharePoint 2010 Pricing Examples

October 25 2010 81 comments

image Clients ask often about SharePoint pricing for different scenarios and giving short answers can be a very difficult task. In many cases some answers should however be possible to give. For example when the client is making a rough budget estimate for the coming year then some indicative pricing examples should be given. This article lists some of those…

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Favorite Features Of SharePoint 2010 From An Intranet Consultant’s Point Of View

September 21 2010 2 comments

This is a list of favorite features of SharePoint 2010 from a consultant that helps clients to find out and describe their requirements for intranet services. During the past years working with SharePoint 2007 there were many dark moments where the platform didn’t really live up to expectations. These top-5 items are my favorite additions to SharePoint 2010 that make…

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SharePoint and Atlassian Confluence, side-by-side scenarios

September 16 2010 26 comments

image Many large organizations in Finland use both SharePoint and Confluence for managing their internal content. This article explains why Confluence can be a good partner for SharePoint and what are the scenarios when you might consider using both systems.

Confluence is an enterprise wiki product from Atlassian. Atlassian is a software company from Australia. Atlassian is also…

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Common Web Analytics Enhancements to SharePoint 2007

May 10 2010 10 comments

SharePoint 2007 out of the box usage reporting tools have been insufficient for many clients and many have chosen to purchase additional tools or build custom reports. This article introduces the most common enhancements that our clients in Finland have used.

Google Analytics and Snoobi are the most popular 3rd party tools in Finland

Most common enhancement we have seen…

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