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How to Extend SharePoint 2007 with .NET 3.5

April 6 2010 5 comments

There are several solutions in web that deal with this problem, but they all seem to point you to use SPWebConfigModification (like in here and here) or are just giving manual editing instructions (like in here). We feel that this is all too complex and repetitive process. There is fortunately “a better” way to…

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Web Designer Friendly Web Parts

March 8 2010 4 comments


My colleague, Lauri, went further after we discussed the method described in this article, and he generalized the process of making Visual Web Parts. I really like his approach more, as it also solves the problems with web part connections and the “double refreshing” problem, so please consider this article as obsolete and look at the better

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Timer Jobs to Copy and Delete Files in a Farm

March 1 2010 31 comments

There is sometimes a need to copy files in a SharePoint farm on different locations, than what can be specified in wsp-packages. Usually the best way to do it farm-wide, is to use Features and timer jobs. Timer jobs can be specified so that they are executed on every single machine in a SharePoint farm. In SharePoint 2007 the most…

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Custom Error Page Adapter

February 12 2010 25 comments

If you are working with SharePoint 2010, see this article by Todd Carter:
An Expected Error Has Occurred
Mike has also written a nice article of the other options:
SharePoint 2010 Custom Error Messages for Public Facing Deployments

SharePoint doesn’t have an out-of-the-box support for custom error pages. Or at least it’s a little bit problematic to implement custom error pages…

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Localizing Strings with an Extension Method

February 11 2010 2 comments

This is rather uncommon situation, but we needed a way to easily translate strings in our code against the resources deployed in 12\Resources. We created extension methods for that:

public static string Localize(this string source)
    return Localize(source, (uint) Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.LCID);

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A Single Breadcrumb for All SharePoint Pages

February 8 2010 23 comments

SharePoint’s out-of-the-box breadcrumb control is kinda a strange animal. Basically you have three different kinds of breadcrumbs in SharePoint. Each of these breadcrumbs are using different provider for their┬áback-end:

  • Layout Pages / Administration Pages use SPXmlContentMapProvider,
  • Publishing Pages use CurrentNavSiteMapProviderNoEncode, and
  • Form Pages (AllItems.aspx, EditForm.aspx, DisplayForm.aspx, etc.) use SPContentMapProvider

This is all fine, when you have different master…

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