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Existing Content Type Modifications and STSADM Tools

October 22 2010 74 comments

This post will address problems with existing content types and their modification.

If you happen to modify old content types and/or their fields you might come into problems regarding making these changes visible in the manner you intended them to be. This will happen when working with existing Sharepoint content and environments/solutions. Or you might add a new field to…

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Custom SPJobDefinition and “Access denied” Error

October 22 2010 153 comments

I found Stef Van Hooijdonk’s post when trying to install a custom timer job and having the “Access denied” -issue. I tried Stef’s workaround by running the powershell -script he provided and got my custom timer job to install via web scoped feature’s feature receiver.

I think there are issues to consider though. Do…

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