First Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2010 Published

August 9 2010 5 comments

The first cumulative update (“June 2010 CU”) for SharePoint 2010 has been released as blogged by Stefan Goßner.

It seems that Microsoft still follows the 2007 CU model – the CU is composed of several packages. I would have also expected CUs to be distributed as official updates, but at least the June 2010 CU is still just a buch of hotfixes.

There seems to be several fixes related to user profile import. I recently wrote about the difficulties to get it up and running. For example in KB983497 there is an interesting fix:

If a user profile synchronization service uses a named SQL instance, the service no longer starts after you provision the service. For example, this issue ocurrs when you stop the service.

Here are the links:

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5 comments to “First Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2010 Published”

  1. Arttu Arstila says:

    This seems to be the official link listing all update packages:

  2. Arttu Arstila says:

    It seems we also got a fix for the CU itself:

  3. Arttu Arstila says:

    One more thing. Note the last comment for this blog post:

    It seems that June CU requires the admin to recreate the User Profile SA.

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