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Inspecting and Modifying Live SharePoint Instance with PowerShell

May 10 2010 One comment

Continuing my quest to explore how PowerShell can help SharePoint developers and administrators, this time I’ll take a look at a fairly uncommon scenario: inspecting and modifying a live SharePoint instance.

The case I was working on involved a known problematic scenario: a subweb converted into a site collection. The site collection was one where the users could…

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Centered layout with CSS & v4.master on SharePoint 2010

May 6 2010 37 comments

First of all, I must say that I’m not a huge fan on how the new Ribbon UI is implemented. The positioning system aided by ECMAScript messes with the body-tag and it requires quite a few steps to disable the positioning system as Jonathan Kern explains here.

I have a case here…

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Extending PowerShell for SharePoint with Custom Commandlets

May 5 2010 2 comments

In my previous entry on SharePoint and PowerShell I promised I’d show you how to implement custom commandlets for Master Page manipulation. SharePoint 2010 ships with a wide array of commandlets, but none of them seem applicable here. This should also serve as a nice generic example on how to implement simple commandlets.

In order to…

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