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Data Sheet View Not Working?

March 31 2010 27 comments

The data sheet view in SharePoint is a useful tool for quickly editing several list items. It exists also in SharePoint 2010.

When using the browser of the SharePoint server, the data sheet view does not usually load, even though it works fine on the client workstations.

This is by design, as the data sheet view is implemented by using…

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Using Event Receiver to Set Default Values for Publishing Pages

March 29 2010 17 comments

While ago I posted something very similar to this. Here

Here’s yet another solution, and way better and faster to implement.
First create web scoped feature, that adds ItemAdded event receiver to Pages library (should’t be a task). In the ItemAdded method, set the default values which are defined in the ContentType, to each field in the…

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Microsoft White Papers: SharePoint & Office Compatibility

March 24 2010 8 comments

In 2007 Microsoft made a great white paper about using Office 2000-2007 clients with SharePoint 2003 or 2007, considering issues such as document management. Recently they published a new white paper that also includes SharePoint 2010 comparisons. These two documents help you to choose when to upgrade to latest Office version to get all out of your SharePoint.

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Federated Search & External Web Sites

March 22 2010 10 comments

MOSS has a great search functionality, especially for indexing SharePoint content. But when it comes to indexing organization’s external web sites, some problems may arise. The crawling and ranking mechanisms are tuned for indexing structured intranal content and do not always perform optimically with external web site content.

Indexing organization’s external web sites creates also problems in presenting the content….

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Draft Item Security & Search Results Security Trimming

March 17 2010 12 comments

The content access account of MOSS search should have a read-only access to content. In some cases that is not enough – there is a list level setting to limit the visibility of draft versions of list items to only the ones with edit permissions. This means that the content access account cannot index the draft versions. So…

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SQL Server – What Every SharePoint Administrator Should Know – Part 1

March 15 2010 16 comments

During the time I have been working with SharePoint, I have noticed that there are quite a lot of admins that don’t know much about one of the most important part of any SharePoint-farm – the database.

My purpose is to clarify some of the very basics of SQL Server running in SharePoint-farms. These writings will cover subjects such as defining…

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