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SharePoint 2013 SP1 Installation

March 10 2014 134 comments

Microsoft released SharePoint server SP1 a few weeks ago. I found installation instructions a little bit imperfect. My understanding of SP1 installation steps goes like this:
1. Install SharePoint Server 2013 RTM (installation media with SP1 will be released later)
2. Install language packs (
3. Download and install SharePoint 2013 SP1, usually English (

Stopped-extension-dll-exceptions in User Profile Sync

February 4 2013 150 comments

Symptons: You get stopped-extension-dll-exceptions in MIIS client while running full or incremental user profile sync.
MIIS Client

At the same time you will get following exceptions in Application log:
Application Log

Fix: This problem arises from user profiles that have URL in PictureURL field, but the picture is not accessible. You can fix this issue by...

Alternative for PublishingWeb.IsPublishingWeb

December 19 2012 89 comments

Just today I wondered why something was not working with a specific custom code and was able to track the problem down by debugging to using PublishingWeb.IsPublishingWeb -method to a web in another site collection with read-permissions. The error message was somewhat puzzling, something like:


at Microsoft.SharePoint.Library.SPRequestInternalClass.GetWebUrl(Guid gWebId, String bstrSiteUrl)….. ...

Fix Broken Category Class Title in SharePoint 2010 Blog site

December 12 2012 91 comments

There is an old bug in SharePoint 2010 that surfaces to me from time to time: blog site category title doesn’t render correctly if it contains some funny foreign characters we Finnish like to use in our language.

The reason I’m writing this down right now is that I’ve got a case tomorrow at work where I have to...

Configuring SharePoint 2013 Host Named Site Collections and Apps Host

November 22 2012 101 comments

There are a few good articles about configuring Sharepoint 2013 apps host, but atleast I found it somehow difficult to figure out how for example Intranet web application and application host could be configured. For beginning you should read this article

The key to get apps host working is host named site collection (HNSC). Most of us...

Integrate SharePoint 2013 Design Manager with TFS

August 13 2012 50 comments

I think all artefacts produced in a SharePoint project should be treated as software artefacts. This includes all the UI stuff implemented by designers, such as css files and master pages.

Treating them as software artefacts means that they should be version-controlled. The problem is that there’s no design tool that integrates with TFS, making version control integration with the...

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